Prime Minister Oli stresses on pro-people, transparent public administration

Kathmandu: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said the government wants to take the country towards the path of rapid development, prosperity and equality.

Receiving a report presented by the High-Level Federal Administrative Restructuring Committee here today, the Prime Minister underscored the need of pro-people, skilled, transparent and impartial public administration to see positive development/changes in the country.

“Disciplined and high powered administrative mechanism is essential to ensure rapid development, maxim production, just distribution and social justice,” he asserted, urging one and all to think about others’ rights as well while exercising one’s rights.

“We aspire to see inclusive, civilized, systematic and disciplined nation with guarantee of rule of law and there is no need to be afraid while talking about social justice as it does not mean bringing someone down from an upper position, rather is about uplifting someone from a lower position.” He went on to say that skilled, competent, transparent and impartial administration was required for the country.

According to the Prime Minister, democracy is needed in every area not only in politics and our goals and targets should be in line with the federal and democratic system.

Presenting the report to the Prime Minister, Committee coordinator Kashiraj Dahal expressed his hope that the implementation of the report would help make Nepal’s public administration pro-people and results-oriented.

The report suggests for building a prompt mechanism in public administration, scrapping unnecessary structures, making transfer, promotion and capacity development of employees predictable, promoting multi-skills and talents of employees, implementing the policy of good conducts, making monitoring system effective, uniformity in facilities and consolidating the internal relations among the federal, province and local governments, among others.

The report has advised to conclude the development construction works by allocating budget and contract of development construction on time, take action if the bodies concerned were found making dillydallying and negligence towards works, to provide service through a one-door system and to make corruption- control activities more effective.

Coordinator Dahal said that different provisions have been proposed in the report to increase people’s participation, transparency and accountability in different activities to ensure good governance.

The report also incorporates acts related to bureaucracy, basic principles to be adopted in course of formulating laws as well as drafts of laws. RSS

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