८ बर्षीय बालिका बलत्कार गर्ने सुनिल शाह तुराहा पक्राउ, रबि लामिछानेले लाइभ गर्दै गर्दा आयो अर्को बलत्कारको सुचना(भिडियो)

Kathmandu, 9th March, Ravi Lamichhane is a one of the finest journalist of Nepal. His show “Sidha kura” is most famous between Nepali people. He is also known for his world record in longest talk show of 62 hours continuously. Recently he has reached that girl’s home who was committed suicide in Abudabi. Rabi lamichhane has made video report by from Gorkha. He also warns to Gulf Embessder. He has became like living god by helping people but government need to give protection to Ravi Lamichhane.here is a live video report by Ravi lamichhane. Watch this video to know details.

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