Hult Prize At IOST, Tribhuvan University

Manish Bhattarai

Namaste ! I am Manish Bhattarai, Campus Director for Hult Prize at IOST 2020 currently pursuing my bachelor in CSIT from Kathmandu BernHardt College. I am a young enthusiastic aspiring student who is keen on “Leading a Generation To Change The World”.

What is the Hult Prize?
The Hult Prize was established by Bertil Hult, and is an annual, year-long competition that crowd-sources ideas from college students after challenging them to solve a pressing social issue around topics such as food security, water access, energy, and education. The Hult family – founders of EF Education First – donates USD 1 million in seed capital to help the winning team launch a social enterprise.

The Prize is a partnership between Hult International Business School and the United Nations Foundation. Former President Bill Clinton selects the challenge topic and announces the winner each September; he mentioned it in a 2012 TIME Magazine article about “the top 5 ideas that are changing the world for the better”. The Hult prize has been referred to as the “Nobel Prize for students” by Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus.

What is Hult Prize at IOST 2020?
Hult Prize at IOST 2020, is the on-campus program for all students from Institute of Science and Technology (IOST) of Tribhuvan University. It is one of the OnCampus program conducted in Nepal. It is the quarter final event for the Hult Prize. This year we are organzing the event in association with CSIT Association of Nepal. CSITAN is a non-profitable organization that has been conducting events for the benefit of the students.

How do I participate or register and when is the final event?
You can register at The final event is on 7th December, 2019.

Can individuals apply?
No. While only teams may compete, individuals who cannot form a team but are interested in competing should join the Facebook community to find other individuals who are looking to form teams.

How will it impact Nepal and Nepali students?
A platform as good and encouraging as this should be every Nepalese student’s dream to be a part of. The platform that it provides to showcase young innovative minds is just so divine that it could change lives of many. Why apply abroad when you have international competitions like these taking places inside your own nation and all you need is an idea that will reach higher scales and make huge impacts that you can use as an advantage on your favor for the betterment of your society, nation as well as the entire world.

What is the challenge for this year’s Hult Prize?
The 2020 Hult Prize Challenge as announced by President Bill Clinton at the United Nations is:
“Building Startups That Have A Positive Impact On Our Planet with Every Dollar Earned”. These
include good health and well-being, clean water and sanitation, affordable and clean energy,  decent work and economic growth, industry, innovation and infrastructure, sustainable cities and communities, responsible consumption and production, climate action, life below water and on land, etc.

What message do you want to convey through us?
I as a campus director on behalf of the Hult family IOST would like to invite young changemakers to be a part of this global cause and change yourselves as the future entrepreneur that we look upon to. You don’t need to have a startup experience, no real track records, just a big transformative idea that is destined to change the world for a global cause. Let us all come under one roof and do what it takes to make this event a successful one for the history of Nepal.

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