ठ्याक्कै श्रीदेवि जस्तै देखिन्छिन् यी युवती, तस्विर देखेर सबै दंग पर्छन्

Kathmandu, 24th March: TV show Diya Aur Baati Hum actress Deepika Singh calls herself Sridevi’s look a like and giver Sridevi credit. She posted a picture of Sridevi on Instagram and wrote, “You were the reason of my success, I got famous bcz of you as so many of my fans believe that I’m your look alike. May be this is also one of the reason I got my first break. I met you in Singapore during #diyaaurbaatihumshooting and you gave me the blessings . I still can’t forget your mesmerizing smile. Deeply sad , extremely shocked condolence to the family. May your soul Rest In Peace ”

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