Sonica’s interview with Dhurba Bisco

Sonica Rokaya is a model, artist, and reporter . She entered the industry as a model and currently, she is onto fame with her trending videos on She currently hosts the online program named Wow Nepal that is uploaded my MSTV. She is also a popular model of Nepal. Youtube has created many celebrities all over the world and she is one of them. She rose to fame in the year 2017 after the success of her YouTube Videos.

She was born in one of the beautiful places of Nepal. She entered the world of entertainment as an astonishing model. Although she has not been able to get her photo as cover photos in the magazines, some of the weekly Newspapers including Saptahik has printed her photos. With her modeling getting a bit of success, as per her studies she has entered the world of Journalism and entertainment world. However, she has been working in this field from the very past and hope she gets success here.

Her interviews are some kinds of entertaining that mainly are vulgar one. Although she asks some good questions about the career and upcoming movies, sometimes she goes a bit further and asks double meaning questions. Her interviews are filled with Touches of humor and some unusual and unwanted topics. Sometimes she covers the stories regarding love, affairs, and relationships too.

Overall, she has started a new kind of program and she is getting a good response from the viewers. Her videos uploaded on Youtube have around millions of views that surely indicates that audience has started liking her videos or it may be that her videos contain some unusual title and people click the videos to know all about this. Along with YouTube videos, she is also doing modeling and even she stated that she has a dream to become an actress in the near future. She even disclosed the information that she has been working and taking some training classes for that.

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