In its fight against COVID-19, govt. announces weeklong nationwide lockdown

In its fight against COVID-19, govt. announces weeklong nationwide lockdown 1

Considering the possibility of spread of COVID-19 across the country, the government has issued a directive to the public asking them to remain indoors for a week starting tomorrow. The lockdown comes into effect from 6:00 am on Tuesday to 6:00 am on March 31.

As per the directive, the public shall stay inside their home except for high-essential situation. The decision was taken by the meeting of the Council of Ministers on Sunday for the control and prevention of the infectious diseases in line with the Clause (2) of Infectious Disease Act, 2020. “No individual shall come out of the home except for the high-essential jobs like purchase of medicines and foodstuffs,” read the government directive.
Likewise, all types of public and private vehicles would remain off the roads except for the vehicles of the health workers, security bodies and those with permission.

Furthermore, all the domestic commercial air services would be closed. However, the directive will not be applicable for designated and security bodies’ flights.

As per the directive, only the officials working in health, security, food supply, dairy product, electricity, telecommunications, information and communications, customs, quarantines and waste management would remain present at their workstations while officials in all other agencies would be given a leave from the chiefs of related offices on the condition of being present immediately upon call.

Similarly, anyone found involved in black marketing would be taken into control as per the law and the goods from them would be seized to utilise in the control and treatment of the disease.

The government has designated the Chief District Officer of the concerned districts for the implementation and management of the directive and the CDOs would use the Local Administration Act, 2028 as required, government spokesperson and Minister for Communications and Information Technology Dr Yubraj Khatiwada said at a press meet on Monday.

Photo Credit- Nischal Niroula

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