‘Mattrab’ gearing up the online learning in Nepal


Growing in the era of technology, everyone today has access to the internet, digital technologies, digital data, digital media, digital marketing, etc. Look around yourself, you will find people indulged in mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc. Almost everything is available online whether it is products or services.

Today, technology has played a significant role in the education of people. Connecting everything around the globe to the fingertips of people, technology has brought a difference in the way of learning. There are lots of digital platforms from where we can learn new skills or acquire. E-learning is in rise these days. E-learning permits studies around the clock, rather than a specific class time. And promoting e-learning and making education simpler in Nepal, Mattrab is introduced among the students.

Rabin K. Kalikote
Rabin K. Kalikote (Founder and President of Mattrab/Community)

Rabin Kalikote and his group started an online learning platform called Mattrab which has the best learning interface for students. It focuses on sharing, asking, exploring, discussions and many more.

Rabin says, “Education is power and it can bring the change, it can make the difference at all levels of society. Contrary to this importance of education, in our country, we can find a huge difference in the quality of education in the different regions. The student at Kathmandu gets best education and the one at Himalaya gets none. So, to bridge this gap, why not we share and grow together?

Aiming to bridge this gap, we have started a journey at Mattrab with the theme ‘by students, for students, a journey of learning together, a journey of growing together. Join us at askmattrab.com and make your contribution today. Create, Share and Learn!

So, what is Mattrab?

Website of Mattrab
Website of Mattrab

Mattrab is the interactive web application where +2 students create, share and learn from the notes, ask questions and answer them. “Mattrab” is developed by students and for the students to make their learning simpler and easier.

Mattrab’s mission is to help the students around the country share and seek the learning helps from the friends and enable their academic success and journey to betterment.

To get started with Mattrab, go to their official website https://www.askmattrab.com and create your account there. After creating your account, you can enjoy the notes provided there and start your learning journey.

You can create, share and learn from the unlimited notes, photos and videos and ask your questions, answer your friends all over Nepal and grow. You can also contribute by adding your own notes there.

How to use it?
– You can ask, explore & learn through this community.
– You can be a part of it by joining them and start to contribute.
– You can also track the activities of your friends, the effective way of getting inspired.

Some of the reasons why you should start using Mattrab are as follows:
1. It provides excellent, free and diverse content to students.
2. It provides all education-related stuff in the same platform.
3. It provides free education to the students wherever and whatever the case is.
4. It provides the platform to showcase your knowledge and promotes your creativity.

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